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Service means seeing with the eyes of the customer. For a remote country where there is a shortage of local industrial base, lack of professional talents and inexperienced operators. The service we offered including: maintenance team building training, equipment daily maintenance guidance, ensuring the implementation of the operation; pre-maintenance planning and organization etc.




Ningbo SMT Coldchain Technology Co.,Ltd. is located in the leading domestic freezing

equipment base--Ningbo City West Pavilion Industrial Park,is a collection research ,

development ,manufacturing,sales of cold room ,air cooler ,IQF machine,ice machine and so on .

The products of the company are committed to serving the aquatic product processing,meat  prepared food and pastry food processing,fruit and vegetable processing enterprises.

Outstanding quality

SMT systems fulfill the highest technical and design standards.

Guarantee worldwide outstanding quality and optimal operational procedures

Innovative freezing solutions for your product

We are more than one step ahead and pride ourselves on Revolutionizing the cold chain industry over and over again

Turnkey project:All-in-one solution

We deliver turnkey cold chain systems worldwide.

The process of your entire project ,from planning to realization,lies with only one partner- Guanchen